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Ours, Lawyer, Lewis & Company, PLLC was formed in June 2007 and is the product of the merger of Chad R Lawyer, CPA PLLC, Thomas Ours, CPA PLLC and Eric Lewis CPA and the acquisition of Smith & Associates CPAs & Consultants, PLLC. This four way consolidation of firms creates one of the largest CPA firms in the Eastern Panhandle and gives our clients access to a wide range of experience and knowledge.

Our clients know that we are a trusted advisor and partner. They can call us anytime for assistance and guidance with their tax, accounting and business consulting questions. We firmly believe that we can help our clients grow their businesses and manage their households by interacting with them on a regular basis and helping them navigate the complicated world of tax and accounting.

We have a wide range of business experience outside public accounting to include; banking, manufacturing, real estate development, construction, law and equity financing. We have the experience to provide our clients real world insights. We have run companies and finance departments, have had to make payroll and deal with economic cycles, just like our clients. We can help.

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